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Revolution, then known as Speaker’s Bureau, was developed in 1998 by the Children’s Services Director at the Center for Survivors. In 2009, the group decided to change the name to Revolution, a title derived from the song by The Beatles with a concept taken from the lyrics of the song: “You say you want a Revolution, well you know we all want to change the world”. Revolution is a grant-funded group which strives to inform teens about the dangers of dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking though peer-to-peer education. The group also provides education on the characteristics of healthy relationships and participates in outreach events and activities in the community.

Who Are We?

Revolution is a select group of students ages 14-20 who are committed to increasing awareness about dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking among their peers. Revolution’s members demonstrate exceptional responsibility and leadership qualities. Those who are selected are required to go through extensive training before they become members of Revolution, and are held to high standards in order to maintain the leadership aspect of the group.

What We Do

The 2017-2018 theatre presentation is called “You Deserve Better”, and it consists of three components. The first component is a dramatization written and performed by the Revolution students based on their own experiences, as well as the experiences of their friends. It includes subject matter pertaining to dating violence and sexual assault. During the second part of the presentation, the actors answer questions in character from the audience regarding their words and actions demonstrated in the drama. Finally, during the third component, the actors reveal their true selves to the audience and provide education points surrounding the role and behaviors of their character. The presentation is concluded with a slideshow set to music, which gives the audience time to reflect on the performance and education points provided. These performances are provided FREE OF CHARGE to schools in our service area.



Revolution provides presentations in the six county area served by the Center for Survivors (Nance, Colfax, Boone, Platte, Polk, & Butler), as well as in other areas around Nebraska upon request.

Some comments from audience members about the presentations include:

“Very good that kids could relate to peers acting.”
“Powerful message-very believable dramatization.”
“Answering questions in character was great!”
“They used real life situations and acted the way it really would be.”

For any information or to request a presentation, please contact Abbie T. at 402-564-2155 or


Revolution Application

If you are interested in being a part of Revolution, you may print the Revolution Application and return it to the Center for Survivors by mail or by dropping it off at our main office. All applications will be reviewed by a committee, and recruitment begins at the end of each school year.



Check out our #Orange4Love project for teen dating violence awareness!  We would like to send a special thank you to Verizon HopeLine for choosing us as a grant recipient and SpecialTee for their donation in making these awesome t-shirts!


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