Domestic Violence is violence committed by one partner in a relationship against another partner. Partners may be married, divorced, living together or dating, and may come from all ages, races, religions, income levels and educational backgrounds. In the vast majority of cases, women are the targets of violence by men, however, there are incidents of men being victimized.

Domestic Violence may take many forms:

  • Physical abuse includes slaps and pushes, kicking, pushing, choking, and permanent physical harm.?
  • Sexual abuse is forced sexual activity, either intercourse or other acts.
  • Psychological abuse includes verbal abuse and behavior that threatens physical assault.?
  • Once violence begins, it usually becomes more frequent and severe.?
  • One in four relationships will experience physical violence.
  • A woman is beaten every 18 seconds in the US.
  • 50% of all women in the US will be victims of family violence and/or sexual assault at some time in their lives.
  • Domestic violence affects all members of the family.