Please note that applicants need to send cover letter and resume to centerforsurvivorsboard1@gmail.com

Job Description

Reports to:

Board of Directors


  1. Assures that the Center for Survivors business is conducted in a professional manner in conformity with Fair Labor Standards Act, Equal Employment Opportunity requirements and Internal Revenue Codes 501 (c) (3) status.
  2. Articulates and guides the direction of the organization and agency’s program in accordance with the vision and mission and the Board of Directors’ written program policies and objectives.
  3. Actively promotes financial stability by seeking alternative financial sources for funding of the Agency.
  4. Develops positive community relations by promoting public awareness and understanding, as well as appreciation, of Center programs and philosophy.
  5. Assures that the agency provides 24-hour services for battered women/men and children.
  6. Advocates both individually and systemically, at all times, on the behalf of battered women/men and their children and survivors of sexual assault/violence.



I.  Management and Administration

  1. Personnel Management
  1. Recruits, hires, supervise, evaluate and terminate all Center staff.   Provides training for staff.
  2. Administers the Human Resources Policies. Recommends the adoption or revision of the Human Resource Policies, salary ranges and salary adjustments.
  3. Develops and implements as organizational staffing structure that optimizes program efficiency and Board-approved program objective achievement.
  4. Maintains advocacy role for agency and staff, with responsibility for the communication linkage between Board and staff.
  5. Program Planning and Activities
  6. Develops and implements long-range plan in concert with the Board of Directors. Evaluates programs for compliance with plan.
  7. Develops and implements a system for planning, reviewing, analyzing and evaluating operations and programs of the agency.
  8. Acts to maintain highly effective client relations under all agency programs.
  9. Administration
  10. Acts as staff liaison to community organizations; federal, state and local governments.
  11. Files all required reports to funding sources in a timely manner.
  12. Assumes responsibility for assuring adequate insurance coverage, risk management, developing and implementing security procedures, administering leases, bonding and personnel health and safety measures.
  13. Financial Management
  14. Maintains review and oversight of Fiscal Manager; directly works with Fiscal Manager to insure that adequate internal controls are in place.



II.             Board of Directors and Committee Activity

  1. Attends all Board and Executive Committee meetings except when Executive Session is called.
  2. Provides Board with orientation and training.
  3. Submit in written form to the Board or its delegated committee:
  4. Annual report including: 1) evaluation of the status of objectives identified in the long-range plan and 2) analysis of operations of agency.
  5. Monthly Executive Director’s Report and financial report – provided by Fiscal Manager
  6. Other reports requested by the President, Executive Committee, or Board.


III.           Community Education/Public Relations

  1. Represents the Center in appropriate other public and private agency meetings and programs.
  2. Responsible for Center representation at media and private relations events.
  3. Supervises the development of community relations.
  4. Oversees the development of public information and training materials including brochures, newsletters, annual reports, press packets and other materials as needed.
  5. Develops and conducts educational workshops and presentations on behalf of Center for other service providers and local programs.
  6. Keeps current on legislative issues, victim service trends, and other facets of domestic violence and sexual assault.


IV.           Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, business or related field required. Master’s degree preferred.
  2. Five years of administrative experience to include the supervising of staff, developing operating policies and procedures, managing program and service development, and using team management and consensus building styles of leadership.
  3. Five years of experience working in the field of domestic and sexual violence. Extensive knowledge of the issues, barriers, laws and trends as they relate to the field.
  4. Extensive knowledge on the oppression issues facing women, children and minorities.
  5. Excellent written, oral and computer skills. Must be able to speak extemporaneous to the media and be comfortable providing presentations to audiences of 2-200. Knowledge of word, publisher, QuickBooks, Excel and other computer programs required.
  6. Experience in grant writing, fundraising, and the fiscal management of a non-profit agency.